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Pride in Our Work

Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail

The Challenge

Bring to life the unique history, craftsmanship and timeless luxury of Louis XIII through the exquisite French Cognac’s first pop-up boutique in the travel retail, while celebrating Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail’s long-standing relationships with key partners Changi Airport Group and DFS Group.

The Story

Featuring an array of interactive and sensorial experiences, the 45sqm installation welcomed clients at Singapore’s Changi Airport in Terminal 3 from September to November 2019. Inspired by the exclusive Louis XIII boutiques in London and Beijing, the design immersed travellers in the raw materials, colours and aromas that communicated the Louis XIII story through the concept of time.

Highlights of the pop-up included:

The first-ever public display of a 200-year-old tierçon – a large wooden barrel used to mature Cognac in France

The Louis XIII Century Wheel, an interactive circle of light that educated clients about the century-long ageing process of Louis XIII in a spectrum of Cognac shades

‘Le Cloud’, a device that produced a cloud of Cognac droplets in an immersive visual and olfactory experience

An artefact library and brand history wall that invited travellers to discover the meticulous processes that deliver the Cognac through its long journey from the vines to the bottling within the Louis XIII family of decanters

The display of a six-litre Mathusalem of Louis XIII, of which only 50 are made each year and take over 20 master craftsmen to produce

The Results

According to Changi Airport, the boutique generated an excellent showrooming effect, with travellers engaging with Louis XIII at the pop-up and then purchasing online through iShopChangi

The Louis XIII pop-up marked the first time that any brand had ever gone beyond one month with an activation at Changi

The success of the boutique secured a second wave in Terminal 1 from January to March 2020, which showcases the limited edition Time Collection, ‘City of Light’ – a tribute to 1900 Paris leading the world into a new renaissance.

Key client quote:

“Louis XIII Cognac is an icon of French art de vivre and lifestyle. We are proud to set this pioneering milestone with our new Louis XIII pop-up concept…which showcases the Louis XIII experience of time and will enhance our commitment for craftsmanship, savoir‐faire and incomparable service.”
Ludovic du Plessis
Louis XIII Global Executive Director

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