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Welcome to UNFILTRD

Welcome to UNFILTRD – our new blog launched today along with our lovely new website! Having moved into a very shiny new Singapore HQ at the tail-end of last year we felt it only right that our online home also got a makeover.

A confession

If there’s one thing we’ve been guilty of over the 3+ years since FILTR’s inception its been neglecting our own marketing and PR. There’s a certain irony in this, given these very things are the bread and butter of our business, but it’s what can happen when you’re focused on growing a team, building out your capabilities and ensuring a growing roster of clients is kept happy.

But in an era when self-care and self-love are very at the forefront of global conversations and consciousness, we thought it was time we gave our own image a little bit of pampering.

A new journey

Our former website proudly displayed a picture of our entire team from July 2018 – all 16 of us. That photo was out of date almost as soon as it was taken, which tells you all you need to know about the growth journey we’ve been on, but what’s most gratifying is how many of our clients have been on this journey with us since day one. We never take it for granted that we are entrusted with telling the stories of so many iconic brands on a global stage as dynamic as travel retail.

Hopefully this new website paints a very clear picture of what we do. On the surface, we’re an uncommon hybrid, spanning retail design, graphic & digital design, PR & communications and retail consultancy, but this breadth makes perfect sense when you consider the strength of our focus and depth of our knowledge in such a specialist domain as travel retail. Some of our case studies , which highlight projects requiring a joined up, integrated approach across these areas really bring our unique proposition to life. We feel we know this industry like few other agencies.

Get in touch

We’ll be updating this blog regularly with our insights and opinions on the world of travel retail and beyond, plus occasional snippets from some of the occasionally glamourous and sometimes less salubrious locations we travel to and events we attend. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by and do get in touch if you think FILTR might be able to help you.

Footnote: You might be wondering why there’s no mention of a certain global pandemic in the above. Well, this blog was originally written at the end of February 2020, when the catastrophic impact COVID-19 would have was not yet clear. Rather than re-write or update it, we decided we liked the tone of optimism it struck. The sentiments expressed still ring true: we’re still grateful for our clients, still feel fortunate to do what we do – even if some of that is on hold – and still feel optimistic about the future, even if that future is a very different one to what we might have envisaged in February.

Nick Sutton

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