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Our Proudest Day:
A Fusion of Talent in FILTR-Qingwa Merger

Being consummate storytellers, we don’t generally like to deal in hyperbole or platitudes – so when we say we’re excited to share some big news, we really mean it. 2020 has not exactly been bursting with positives, but it’s fair to say that today marks a major milestone for FILTR which gives this year a slightly different complexion.  

Nearly four years ago, when FILTR was founded, we had the vision of creating something we felt that brands operating in global consumer channels would be increasingly in need of – an international and integrated retail marketing and design agency spanning interior/retail design, production, marketing, communications & public relations, and digital.


Today we’re announcing by far the most significant single step we’ve taken on our journey to make that vision a reality. Recognising an opportunity to fast-forward our growth, FILTR is merging with QINGWA – an agency we’ve long admired and respected. Our former competitors will be our new teammates – what a win to have such a talented group all playing on the same side.

Over the course of extended talks between the two management teams, it became clear that there was a natural fit between the two agencies and the opportunity to create something special. Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts. On the surface, we become a 55-person agency with operations in four locations – Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris and London – but on a deeper level, we feel we are better positioned to support clients and react to a rapidly changing consumer landscape. Whether that is through greater geographical coverage to support local teams and projects, new integrated services to target global consumers, or enhanced technological expertise to help them tell their stories in the digital realm, our combined reach, talent and skillsets position us as a true partner for growth.

For the next few months, it will be pretty much business as usual at FILTR towers, aside from our Singapore office welcoming 12 new QINGWA faces (social distancing guidelines permitting, obviously). We will share more details of the long-term vision and strategy for the combined agency in due course, but for now, we’ll keep doing what we do best – helping some of the world’s most forward-thinking brands and organisations tell their stories in global channels.

As we move into the next iteration of FILTR, we would like to say thank you to our partners, who have been strong allies, supporters and advocates in helping us to get to this point.  The next stage of FILTR looks even brighter and we’re grateful for your ongoing support.  Last, but certainly not least, thanks to our FILTR team.  It’s very rewarding to get to this significant milestone and it simply would not have been possible without the great attitude and application from our team.

At FILTR, one of or guiding principles is that every day we go home proud – – and today, more than ever, we can certainly do that.

Alex, Lucy, Nick

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